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It’s very easy to add lists just for pages. That enables you to categorize pages into separate lists so you can then view information for only those pages. For instance, you could make a page list that includes pages from your favorite sports teams. Or perhaps a list with pages about home maintenance. Whatever interest you have, you can make a list for it. The lists makes it easier to separate posts from friends and posts from pages in your timeline. The default inclusion of everything can be overwhelming. Also, you might want to see posts more frequently from some of the pages you’ve liked. Setting up page lists enables you to do so.

You can find page lists in the left navigation bar. You can add more at any time. Just follow the steps below.

Note: Some of the commands and titles in Facebook are related to friends. You use some of these same items for pages. Use the steps below to see what to select for pages. If you’d like to create a list for your friends, click the link at the end of this procedure.


1. In the left navigation bar, select Friend Lists.

2. In the Friends section in the middle of the page, select + Create List.

3. Add a List Name and click Create.

4. Select: Add Friends to List

5. In the upper left corner, open the dropdown list and select Pages.

6. Select the pages that you want to add and click Finish.

To see your list and the posts for those on it, select Friends List in the left navigation bar (see step 1). All the lists display in the Friends section in the middle of the page. Select the list at any time to see posts from your pages on that list. If you don’t see posts for any one list, it’s because the page admins may not have posted anything in a while.


In the latest version, I don’t see a way to set up a page or friend list using a phone, or to view a list. Use the Desktop procedure to do so.

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