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Creating friends lists are a powerful feature of Facebook that you can use in many ways. Lists make it easier to sort and view posts from groups of friends. You can use them for privacy settings for posts and pictures, to easily see posts from different groups of friends, and to see posts from pages you’d like to see more frequently.

There are default friend lists in Facebook that can use: Family, Close Friends, Acquaintances, and Restricted. You can add friends to those lists – and set up additional lists.

I recommend setting up lists, whether it’s using the default lists or creating your own. With all the friends you have and all the pages you’ve liked, creating and using lists makes it much easier to see all the content you want to see. Plus, it makes it easier to set who can see which content. To create lists for friends (not pages), use the following steps. There’s a link at the end for a procedure to create page lists.


1. In the left navigation bar, select Friend Lists.

2. In the Friends section in the middle of the page, select + Create List.

3. Add a List Name and click Create.

You could start typing friend names in the Members box, but it’s easier to click Create first and then select the friends.

4. Select: Add Friends to List

5. In the upper left corner, open the dropdown list and select Friends.

6. Select the friends you want to add and click Finish.

To see your list and the posts for those on it, select Friends List in the left navigation bar (see step 1). All the lists display in the Friends section in the middle of the page. Select the list at any time to see posts from your friends on that list. If you don’t see posts for any one list, it’s because they may not have posted anything in a while.


I don’t see a way to set up or edit a a page or friend list using a phone. Use the Desktop procedure to do so.

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